Bosebuck Mountain Camps
Say hello to owners Wendy and Mike. Want to catch brook trout and landlocked
salmon while staying in the remote backcountry of Western Maine? This is the place.
On the same lake where Bob and Trish have spent their summers
for the last twenty-eight years.

Lakewood Camps
Stay with Whit and Maureen while you explore the wilderness along the Rapid River.
Not much has changed here since Louise Dickinson Rich wrote her books while living
just up the road from this traditional sporting camp.

Grants Kennebago Camps
Fly fish Big Kennebago Lake from a Rangeley boat or wade the Kennebago River for landlocked
salmon measured in pounds rather than inches.

Aziscohos Lake Wilderness Camping
Contact Charlie Adkins (former game warden) and Carolyn Nobbs to make a reservation at
these clean sites situated at the top of Aziscohos Lake not far from Bob and Trish’s cabin. Their
email is In season, they can also be reached at 207-864-9037.

Aziscohos Valley Camping Area
Located on Route 16 in Wilsons Mills, these campsites provide easy access to fishing
throughout the region. Call 207-486-3271.

Black Brook Cove Campsites
Located at the bottom of Aziscohos Lake, the campsites provide a place for your camper or
tent, or you can rent a cabin. Jeff is a registered Maine guide who can put you on fish, bear,
or grouse, while his wife, Janet, will keep you fed with provisions from their general store.

Cupsuptic Lake Park and Campground
Located half way between Aziscohos Lake and Rangeley Lake, you can have your pick of
wilderness sites or “cabin tents” with hookups – many right on the water.
Call 207-864-5249.

Rangeley Region Sport Shop
Brett and Susan Damm run this fine fly shop located in the center of Rangeley, Maine. Brett
is also an excellent guide to the region’s fish and fowl. They can be contacted at or 207-864-5615.

River’s Edge Sport Store
Run by Gerry and Debbie White, this full service fishing and hunting shop is located just over
the stone bridge in the hamlet of Oquossoc. Those of you who have read Bob’s series of novels
may find similarities between the town of Easie and that of Oquossoc. You can contact Gerry
and Debbie at 207-864-5582.

The Rangeley Outdoor Sporting Heritage Museum
Located in Oquossoc, they offer exhibits highlighting such sporting legends as Fly Rod Crosby,
Herb Welch, and Carrie Stevens. Check their website for hours of operation.

Bob DuPont
(h) 207 235-2573
(c) 207 491-6718

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