Available now! Released Winter 2017.


In THE RIVER KING, Bob Romano returns to western Maine, but this time with a cast of new characters.

From an early age, Harry Duncan gravitated toward his grandfather and great uncle, men who learned to fly fish on the highland rivers of their Scottish homeland. While Harry’s parents struggle against their demons, the two older men generously impart their knowledge of western Maine’s lakes, ponds and streams to the young boy

Born out of wedlock, Thelma Louise Shannon, Harry’s “friend-with-benefits,” works behind the bar at Sparky’s Tavern while dreaming of the day she’ll leave behind the tannin-stained ponds and sun-speckled streams that Harry has grown to love.

Donnie Gilroy is obsessed with catching a brook trout as big as the one he lost as a young boy on account of two anglers “from away.” This leads Harry’s best friend to declare war on anyone fishing his home waters, a war that eventually impacts his life and the lives of his friends in ways they never imagined.

Known as Petey Boy to his friends, Peter Jordan’s mind has never caught up with his body. As a result, Harry, Donnie, and Thelma Louise must protect the young man with special needs from the outside world, at least until now.



Ron Barch/Alder Creek Publishing; May 2018
“The River King is a page turner and each page turned encourages, invites, excites the reader to put finger to paper in anticipation of what will unfold… The River King is more than a book about fishing in Maine. Rather it’s a testament to all the hardworking men and women who add so much more to the sport of angling. At the end of the day Bob Romano knows time spent in the company of the right kind of folks enable the average angler to return home from the water a River King! I look forward to Robert Romano’s next book!”

Tyler Frantz, NPO Product Review, Naturalpursuitoutdoors.blogspot.com; February 2018
“It’s amazing how truly good stories can carry you to far-off places, experiencing excitement and adventure along with a well-developed cast of characters, immersing you in the rich local heritage of a real-life setting, and sometimes – when you’re lucky – making you want to pick up your fly-rod to go do some fishing of your own. “The River King” by Robert J. Romano Jr. does just that… The book cleverly captures the “locals’ perspective” in a small fishing town, as well as the day-to-day struggles to make ends meet in a seasonal destination fishery. The character development is strong, but the sense of place is even stronger, as Romano weaves local lore and fly-fishing history seamlessly into the story.”

George Smith, GeorgeSmithMaine.com / Bangor Daily News; March 2018

“Writing a novel set in the Rangeley region, including some of my favorite fishing spots, Robert J. Romano, Jr., hit a homerun. Or, I guess you could say he caught me… halfway through the novel, I actually called a friend who has a camp on the Magalloway River and scheduled a fishing adventure there in June! I’ll save this novel and give it to my friend when we take that trip.”

Wayne Hooper, The Great Outdoors: “The River King” a Wonderful Maine Read, Seacoastonline.com; October 2017
“…Romano once again nails it when it comes to an engaging [tale] about small-town rural Maine… I have loved all of Bob Romano’s books, not only because they were about Maine but because they were written so well that I couldn’t put them down — interesting, funny and enjoyable.”

V. Paul Reynolds, Outdoors In Maine; February 2018
“Romano is an old hand at writing fiction with a Maine outdoor theme. When it comes to sense of place and character development, Romano nails it. Add to this his authentic, detailed descriptions of the Rangeley area’s breathtaking scenery and abundant fishing waters, and you have a novel that does not let you go until the last page… Romano, who is only a part-time, seasonal Rangeley resident, was able to probe beneath the surface of  his characters and make them believable relying upon his keen insights into the rural Maine culture and its mores.”


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