Excerpt From the Long Pond on the Little Magalloway Chapter:

“If fly fishing is a religion, then Long Pond on the Little Magalloway River is one of its more sacred shrines. Speak of the place to locals and they will deny its existence. Query a guide and he will quickly change the subject to Upper Dam, the Kennebago River, or perhaps the lower Magalloway below Route 16. Those who will admit having fished Long Pond speak of it with reverence, in hushed tones, eyes glazed over. It is a place haunted by truth.”



Northwoods Sporting Journal; March 2006
“Shadows in the Stream should be required reading for anyone contemplating a visit to this region.”

Sportsmans Alliance of Maine News; January 2006
“Shadows in the Stream is a must. Romano writes with verve and great intimacy… fly fishers
 anywhere will love his passion and his graceful prose.”

Lewiston Sun Journal [Maine]; February 19, 2006
“I felt like I was right at the water’s edge. An avid angler and talented writer.”

New Hampshire Wildlife; November/December 2005
“Shadows in the Stream… I found this book a very enjoyable, informative and easy read.

The Berlin Reporter [New Hampshire]; November 23, 2005
“I have to admit Romano’s Shadows in the Stream is a special book. Romano tells it
 like it really is and I recommend it to anyone.”

The Caledonian-Record [St. Johnsbury, Vermont]; November 4, 2005
“Settle into a comfortable chair some cold night and read Shadows in the Stream. Romano will
 make you feel as if you are casting a fly or trolling a streamer far from the cares of everyday life.”

On The Water Magazine; November 2005
“Once in a while I come across a book that captures the essence of the angling experience
on a personal level and does the one thing all good fishing books should do: make me want
 to fish there.”

The Maine Sportsman; October 2005
“The book is as good as any mood title around. Romano shines with his imagery…
Good stuff…the best.”

Iconoclast #91
“If fly fishing is your idea of paradise, then this book is for you.”

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