Excerpt From Chapter One:

“She rolled down the window, looking out on a wide expanse of windswept water. Long lines of white-capped wavelets advanced across the surface. Christine tried to recall the names of the lakes lapping at the sylvan shores. Aziscohos, Upper and Lower Richardson, Cupsuptic, Mooselookmeguntic, Rangeley, each connected one to the other by wild rivers spilling out of dark hills. Lakes and rivers, like an indigo staircase dropping down from heaven’s vault. It had been only five hours, but Boston seemed a lifetime away.”



NH Sunday News, Dick Pinney’s Guide Lines Column [New Hampshire]; December 2009

“[North of Easie] …is a must read for anyone that…likes to have a story that you can not 
project the outcome until it happens… Fishing, lots of intrigue… Probably the best novel
 reading for me in my last several years.”

Tom Roth, The Maine Sportsman [Maine]; December 2009
“…Robert J. Romano’s North of Easie will give you that “I know that place” feeling…
The story and plot will keep you as wound up as well tied hackle.”

Gene Chague, The Berkshire Eagle [Massachusetts]; November 2009
“[North of Easie] definitely belongs in your fishing book library, but don’t put
 it there until your spouse has had a chance to read and enjoy it too. ”

Tom Rideout, The Gazette’s Book Review [New Hampshire]; October 2009
“Bob writes about what he knows: fly fishing, western Maine and people.”

Wayne Hooper, Portsmouth Herald, [Maine]; August 2009

“It is funny, sad, happy and all of the other highs and lows that affect people who all know each
 other in a small town in a remote area…you will love this book for taking you back to your
 memories of the past. Read the book…I just hope Mr. Romano has a sequel in mind…”

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