Excerpt From the Introduction by the Author:

“…I have found fishing with faeries exasperating. Still, it has its rewards. You can be assured of both wild trout and aggravation if you happen upon a stream inhabited by faeries. The little people tend to frequent the same out-of-the-way places as do wild trout. The little stream that flows through this story is just such a place.”



Skylands Magazine; 2005
“Fishing With Faeries, by Robert J. Romano, is an enticing chronicle of a fly fisher’s extraordinary relationship with a magical piece of water. Constructed as a diary recounting a number of days stretched through one season of fishing, Bob Romano explores the charm of a place removed entirely from the ordinary aspects of everyday life; the kind of place you might find faraway in Montana or northern Ontario.

But this is a journal of enchantment waiting in the woods of Northwest New Jersey, along a tiny stream under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service and the protection of a small clan of wood sprites that reside along its banks. Although he asserts that his work is fiction, many of the places the author describes will be familiar to readers who know and love the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. For Bob Romano his superb skills as a fly fisher, and the more universal knowledge he has acquired during his pursuit of those abilities, have allowed a special appreciation of the little stream and a keen sense of the natural and spiritual world around it.”


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