Available now! Released April 2015


Bob Romano’s Brook Trout Blues is the third in his series of novels set in western Maine’s Rangeley Lakes Region.

Salvatore D’Amico once again continues to be confounded by the mysteries of life, caught up in events he cannot control. The author-turned-fishing-guide worries that a film about to be made in his little town will destroy the peaceful life he has struggled so hard to create.

Meanwhile, those living beside the rivers and rills of the balsam-and-spruce forest are finding it hard to cope with the economic downturn following the collapse of Wall Street. To make matters worse, one of Sal’s neighbors has gone missing at a time when the local warden is occupied with reports of a precocious bear. To further complicate his life, an attractive reporter has the middle-aged Sal questioning his relationship with Christine Bailey, the younger woman with whom he has come to share his life.

Add in a pot farm, plenty of fly fishing for wild trout, a Canadian motorcycle gang, a couple of gorgeous actresses and a larger-than-life director, and you can see why you’ll get hooked on this enjoyable tour through the woods of western Maine.



“Western Maine is not like the rest of America… The area maintains its own flavor, accents and attitudes. Bob Romano captures it all with rare acuity. A Romano novel is like a vacation. You can smell the pine needles on every page.” – Tucker Carlson, political news correspondent, commentator for Fox News Channel and avid fly fisher.

“In his latest novel… Bob Romano once again nails it when it comes to an engaging tale about small-town rural Maine. Romano knows how to skillfully weave a tale that combines a story of people’s workaday struggles with thoughtful character development and a razor sharp sense of place.” – V. Paul Reynolds, editor of the Northwoods Sporting Journal and author of Maine Deer Hunter’s Logbook and Backtrack.

“Romano so captures the essence of my favorite Maine haunts that I almost drove up to check. Highly recommended reading.” – Kathy Scott, author of Moose in the Water/Bamboo on the Bench, Headwaters Fall as Snow, Changing Planes, and Brook Trout Forest.


To purchase an autographed copy, email Bob at magalloway@mac.com

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